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3 Ways Plastic Recruitment Agencies Save You Time & Money

May 30, 2024
Plastic Recruitment Agencies - Benefits

The plastics industry is a massive and ever-evolving sector, touching an immense number of niche applications including Paints, Coatings, Polymers, and Specialty Materials. In 2022 alone, it generated over a million jobs and boasted impressive shipments worth $548 billion But with this growth comes a growing demand for skilled professionals.

This is where plastic recruitment agencies come in. These specialized agencies act as a bridge, connecting talented individuals with the perfect opportunities within the plastics industry.

1. Providing the Human Touch in Plastic Recruitment

Finding the right fit goes beyond just resumes and qualifications. Specialized plastic recruitment agencies take the time to understand the specific niche within the plastics industry they operate in. Good plastic recruitment agencies also understand the intangibles, such as how company culture greatly shapes what an ideal fit really looks like.

For example, Thomas Brooke recently placed a technical director for semi-rigid PET film (packaging) for food and other applications. Understanding the company culture was crucial. Was it a fast-paced, innovative environment with significant autonomy, or a more structured, corporate setting with clear guardrails? These sorts of details significantly influence who will thrive in that specific environment, or not.

2. Benefits of Utilizing Plastic Recruitment Agencies

Plastic recruitment agencies offer a multitude of benefits for companies seeking top talent:

  • Reduced Time and Total Cost: Recruiting fees can be significant, but by managing the entire recruitment process, agencies save companies valuable internal decisionmaker time and resources, allowing them bandwidth to focus on core business functions. There’s a real opportunity cost to the “DIY” approach that’s often not considered.
  • Access to a Wider Talent Pool: Specialized agencies have extensive networks and can reach passive candidates not actively searching for new jobs. These candidates might be highly qualified and a perfect fit for the company, but they wouldn’t be found through traditional job boards. This is especially valuable for candidates with niche technical domain expertise.
  • Industry Expertise: Unlike generic recruiters, specialized plastic recruitment agencies deeply understand the industry’s specific needs and quirks, enabling them to correctly identify candidates with the right skill sets. They can also identify adjacent niches and applications that possess similar attributes (processes, customers etc.) in order to widen the potential talent pool while remaining relevant.
  • Improved Hiring Outcomes: Good agencies provide in-depth, objective assessments and insights into candidate suitability, leading to better informed hiring decisions. To ensure a well-rounded candidate, they assess cultural fit, soft skills, and technical expertise. The hiring process itself is just the beginning- the ROI of a stronger hire multiplies as the person makes a meaningful impact on the business.

3. A Future-Proof Workforce for the Plastics Industry

The plastics industry constantly evolves, with a growing focus on sustainability and innovation. For example, leaders in the plastics industry are closely monitoring fast-growing niches like bioplastics, which is projected to reach $18.7 billion by 2031

To stay ahead of the curve, companies must build a future-proof workforce with the skills and experience to take advantage of these emerging trends. A specialized, well-networked plastic recruitment agency can help you find the right talent, whether a bioplastics engineer or an expert in sustainable materials.

The Thomas Brooke Advantage

Thomas Brooke leverages its thirty years of specialized knowledge of the plastics industry to connect companies with top talent. The focus on fostering targeted, meaningful connections between candidates and companies ensures a strong cultural fit. Here’s a glimpse into the process:

  • Understanding Your Needs: Thomas Brooke takes the time up-front to learn your company’s unique identity, and the purpose as well as content of the specific role you need to fill, to build the ideal candidate profile. This is a crucial investment!
  • Targeted Sourcing: We utilize our extensive network and industry expertise to source candidates with highly targeted messaging, whether a technical specialist for a new bioplastics initiative or a seasoned sales leader for your established product line.
  • Rigorous Candidate Assessment: We conduct multiple in-depth interviews, assessments, and reference checks to ensure a qualified and compatible candidate.
  • Streamlined Communication: We maintain dialog with you throughout the process, including interim updates and questions, and facilitate clear communication between you and potential candidates. All vital information is known prior to an interview (including compensation expectations), avoiding surprises and wasted time, and smoothing out the offer process.


The plastics industry is competitive across the board, including for value-added Paints, Coatings, Polymers, and Specialty Materials segments. The right search and recruiting partner is crucial for success. Partner with Thomas Brooke, a reputable plastics recruitment agency, and gain access to a wider pool of qualified candidates, while benefiting from our 30+ years of industry expertise. We’ll ensure you find the perfect fit for your team, so you can drive your business forward.


What are the different types of plastic recruitment agencies?

Some agencies specialize in various functions within the plastics industry, such as engineering, manufacturing, or sales. There are also specialists by domain or market. Others specialize by level e.g. those recruiting experienced, degreed individuals vs. those providing knowledgeable operators and production floor associates.

How much does it cost to work with a plastic recruitment agency?

Individual project fees depend upon the specific nature of the project and should be agreed upon up front, before the project begins. Salary is a key component but speed, confidentiality and degree of specialization may also factor in. 20-30% of expected salary is a typical range.

What are the key benefits of using a specialized recruitment agency for the plastics industry?

Domain expertise plus access to a deeper talent pool can yield much better-matched candidates for your specific need.

Looking to Build A High-Performing Team?

We help you find the best team members in the plastics, coatings, polymers, and specialized materials industries.


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