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Interviews: A Mutual Representation

August 25, 2023

Interviews must be a two-way sell. Every interaction with a candidate is conveying an image of your company to them and potentially their entire network; every interaction with a company during an interview process likewise conveys an image of yourself within that organization and potentially beyond it to customers and suppliers. It’s an ecosystem. 

In today’s competitive job market, it’s more important than ever for employers to make a good impression on potential employees. “Positive candidate experience” is loudly touted but infrequently lived out in reality. Every interaction with a candidate builds their view of the company, from the moment they apply a job, to the way they are greeted when they arrive for an interview, to the questions they are asked. Make the most of these seemingly small but significant moments to create a favorable impression. 

Of course, the company is evaluating the candidate during the interview process. But it’s important to remember that the interview is not just about finding out if the candidate is a good fit for the job. It’s also about finding out if the company is a good fit for the candidate. 

That’s why it’s important to be transparent about the company’s culture, values, and goals. Candidates should be able to get a clear sense of what it would be like to work for the company, and whether it’s a place where they would be happy and successful. 

Tips for Great Two-Way Sell Interview 

Here are some tips for making sure your interviews are a two-way sell: 

  • Be prepared – Take time to review candidate info: their resume, LinkedIn, socials, whatever is available. This will help you ask better questions and make a more informed decision about whether they are a good fit for the company.
  • Be positive – Smile, make eye contact, and be welcoming. To get authentic insight, you need to open up. 
  • Be transparent – Talk about the company’s culture, values, and goals. Be honest about the challenges and opportunities that the candidate would face if they were hired. We all know there’s no perfect workplace, but honesty and transparency go a long way in setting the right expectations. 
  • Listen actively – Pay attention to what the candidate is saying, and ask follow-up questions to get a better understanding of their skills, experience, and interests. Don’t just run down a checklist. 
  • Be enthusiastic – Put aside the pressing challenges of the day for a moment. Show the candidate that you are happy about the opportunity to work with them. 

These tips can make your interviews an effective two-way sell. This will help you land the best candidates and build a strong team of employees who are passionate about your company. 

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