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Hiring Right: Finding Team Players Who Express Gratitude

September 6, 2023
express gratitude

Be quick to express gratitude and recognize the input of others to your success 

In any business, no one person is an island. Success is always the result of the hard work and dedication of many people. That’s why it’s so important to be quick to express gratitude and recognize the input of others. 

When you take the time to thank employees for their contributions, you’re not just being polite. You’re also showing them that you value their work and that you appreciate their efforts. This can go a long way towards boosting morale and productivity. 

There are many ways to express gratitude. You can simply say “thank you” in person or in an email. You can also write a thank-you note or give a small gift. Whatever you do, make sure it’s sincere. The purpose is simple: authentic recognition.

Give Credit in The Workplace

In addition to expressing gratitude, it’s also important to recognize the input of others, giving credit where credit is due. If someone comes up with a great idea, make sure to let them know that you appreciate it. If someone goes above and beyond, don’t be afraid to sing their praises. Teammates and bosses who are insecure or have to take credit for everything are universally despised; those who are generous with recognition build loyalty and spread enthusiasm. You’re influencing those around you whether you realize it or not, so make it positive! 

When you recognize the input of others, you’re not just stating a fact. You’re also motivating them to continue doing their best work. You’re showing them that their contributions are important and that they’re valued members of the team. Gratitude and recognition are powerful motivators that foster a positive and productive work environment. 

Hiring Tips 

When you’re hiring new employees, it’s important to look for people who are appreciative and who are willing to recognize the input of others. These are the kind of people who will be a valuable asset to your team. 

Here are a few questions you can ask during an interview to assess a candidate’s appreciation for others: 

  • Tell me about a time the input of a coworker was important to your own success 
  • Follow-up question: how did you show your appreciation for that? 
  • How important is it to you to work with people who are appreciative and who recognize the input of others? 

The answers to these questions can give you a good sense of whether or not a candidate is a good fit for your team.

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