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Driving Top Line Growth

midsized specialty plastics additives supplier


  • Top line growth had stalled
  • Past research-driven business model had run out of steam
  • Radical change of culture was needed to move to a more strategic, market focused model that could deliver better ROI on all the R&D spend


  • Over more than two years we partnered with the company to place several key executives
  • All required knowledge of specific polymers, including R&D, processing and market applications
  • We found people with a unique combination of industry knowledge, technical domain expertise and personality characteristics to lead meaningful change without sacrificing the qualities that had made the company successful in the first place
  • This included the GM, head of R&D, head of Marketing, and several key technical leaders for specific market segments

Ownership & Leadership Transition

independent coatings manufacturer


  • With retirement of founder, followed by retirement of original executive team, the Company needed a complete change of approach to sustain next generation growth, moving from entrepreneurial to more strategic model.
  • Many custom/specialized products and many long term employees were both a strength and a weakness.
  • Company had never had true executive leadership team and silos prevented meaningful information sharing


  • We worked closely with the new CEO to recruit the new VPs of Marketing/Sales and Technology/Engineering
  • Overcame location and financial limitations by focusing the search on alignment of both personal and professional factors
  • Company is now in full go-ahead mode with strong leadership driving strategic product development and meaningful portfolio management
  • No longer dependent on individuals – processes being implemented to make the business sustainable with cross-functional collaboration
  • Complete transformation of the leadership approach without losing the unique character of the company



Supporting International Growth

protective coatings


  • Growth in international business required addition/replacement of several direct in-country GMs in Latin America and Asia
  • Timelines were very tight and some searches were confidential


  • Working each region in turn we identified qualified local candidates in specific cities for North Asia, South East Asia, India, Brazil and Mexico
  • We supplied reliably vetted leaders with deep technical and industry specialization plus experience of US business culture and also managed politically sensitive internal referrals, coordinated the interview process and provided full support to the VP International

Succession Planning in R&D


  • Mid-sized coatings manufacturer needed to plan for the retirement of a career-long key technical employee
  • More than just refilling the job, they needed to re-think department structure and improve information flow for future operations, plus create viable succession plan for the Technical Director (no strong internal candidates)
  • Technical credibility with existing staff and salary constraints were top concerns


  • We identified a more junior high-potential candidate at an affordable price point, working for a direct competitor, with highly relevant experience but limited prospects for advancement
  • This solved all the potential problems and provided excellent long-term succession talent



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"Great partner on several international searches."David Wolf, Former VP International Sales, Carboline

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